Casey’s a slugger

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My friends Clyde, Erik and I just joined a Little League Baseball team. My coach says I’m “quite a slugger”, he says I can really bat a ball out of the park! “Hi everyone”, Casey here! I want to tell you all how great playing baseball is and how much fun we’re having. But, knowing how I can […]

Meeting mermaids is fun!

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Well, there I was again looking at a set of human eyes staring at me from the water! They were bright green, this time. I looked around to see if anyone else could see her, see the mermaid that the eyes belonged to. No one seemed to notice her except me. Ben was giggling as he […]

Me and Mermaids!

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What is about me and mermaids?! I meet them every where I go! My family and I love to explore beaches. I love sticking my toes into the soft warm sand and dodging waves with my dad and little brother Ben. My family took a vacation to the Oregon coast last summer to a place […]

So Many Mermaids!

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There are mermaids all over the world. Some people believe in us, most don’t. My young friend Melanie is one of the humans that do! Melanie’s family loves to visit beaches and of course, that’s the best place to meet a mermaid kids! She meets mermaids every beach her family visits. Remember, you have to believe […]

Melanie’s big day is finally here!

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Melanie woke up on Friday morning knowing that today was the day! Show and tell in her classroom! She was going to bring her beautiful, special, spendalicious, pink treasure to show her classmates and Mrs. Montgomery. Pink being Melanie’s favorite color, she dressed head to toe in it today! She put on her favorite pink […]

Casey really proves kindness is king on the slopes

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Casey woke up early, way too excited for his snowboarding lesson and to hit the slopes this morning! In fact he was the first in his family to wake up. He went into his parent’s room to wake up his mom and dad. They’d slept quite long enough Casey thought. Mom was sitting up in […]

Casey’s family ski trip was all about kindness!

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Casey and his family went on a ski weekend. He was really looking forward to shredding some snow with his new snowboard he just got for Christmas! He was new to this whole snowboarding thing, so he was excited for his first lesson on his snowboard. On the trip up to the mountain his mom […]

Popular Mom Blog reviews K.S. Robinson’s books

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Books with Thought and Heart by K.S. Robinson Samples were provided, opinions are my own. I was delighted when given the opportunity to read and review 2 children’s books for Tate Publishing.   No Lunch Money! and A Mermaid’s Tale were written by Pacific Northwest writer, K.S. Robinson. Let me just say that both […]

Melanie is excited about her shell for show & tell!

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Now that I have my beautiful, spendalicious, perfect, pink shell from my adventure with Selina I’m so excited to bring to show and tell! I know Mrs. Montgomery will think it’s as beautiful as I do. She loves pink too remember! The kids aren’t going to believe that I have a new mermaid friend when […]

First Week of School

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Hi guys! Erik, Clyde and I had a great summer! I hope you did too. We went to camp, played at the beach and had fun just hangn’ out at home, riding bikes in the neighborhood, bugging my little sister Elise (yeah, I still haven’t totally learned my lesson!) and I helped my parents doing choirs around the house. […]

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