Casey really proves kindness is king on the slopes

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Casey woke up early, way too excited for his snowboarding lesson and to hit the slopes this morning! In fact he was the first in his family to wake up. He went into his parent’s room to wake up his mom and dad. They’d slept quite long enough Casey thought. Mom was sitting up in bed stretching. “Good morning Casey!”  she said. You’re up so early buddy, why?!”  Mom was remembering how hard it was to wake him up for school. “I cant wait to go snowboarding!” Casey exclaimed. “Well, how about a nice hot plate of blueberry waffles”? “They’re your favorite, after all!” she said. “No way Mom,” Casey replied. “I’m way too excited to eat!”……

The family was finally in their snow gear, boots in hand and on their way to the slopes. Casey’s dad took him over to the snowboarding lesson area while Elise and mom went over to the inner tube slope to have their own fun.

Casey was feeling good with his lesson progress. He’d only had a face plant twice so far this morning, and his instructor told him he’d be “airdogging” before he knew it! “Hey Dad, I’m a “goofy” rider!” Casey shout to his dad as he glided down the slope. Dad rolled his eyes at the declaration saying, “I had no doubt Son!”.

Casey was heading down the run for his fifth time, close behind his instructor, when he spotted a younger boy sitting on the snow crying. “Hey what’s wrong?” Casey asked the boy as he snowboarded up to him. The boy looked up at Casey and his teacher with tears running down his face and his eyes bright red from crying. ” I ended up going down the wrong slope that was too hard for me and I lost one of my skis!”, cried the boy. “It slid down the hill that way”, he said pointing off to the left. “No problem”, said Casey. “I’ll find it for you!” Off Casey went on his board. It didn’t take him long to find it. Casey jumped of his snowboard, grabbed the ski and walked it back up the hill to the boy. The boy smiled, whipped away his tears and thanked Casey. “Hey, no big deal dude”, exclaimed Casey. Wow, he thought, I’m so glad I was there to help that kid get his ski back! Kindness definitely ruled Casey’s day!