Casey’s family ski trip was all about kindness!

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Casey and his family went on a ski weekend. He was really looking forward to shredding some snow with his new snowboard he just got for Christmas! He was new to this whole snowboarding thing, so he was excited for his first lesson on his snowboard. On the trip up to the mountain his mom told him and his little sister Elise all about the big lodge the family would be staying at. It had an indoor pool! Snow boarding would have to wait for tomorrow, Casey would be swimming today!

When the family was all settled into their room at the lodge Casey couldn’t get into his swim trunks fast enough! He opened his suitcase and quickly began to throw all the contents of it out into the room, looking for his favorite neon orange swim trunks, he made sure not to forget to pack…..but wait…..all the contents of his bag were displayed all over the hotel room floor, but NO neon trunks to be found! Oh no, Casey thought, I did it again! I forgot something really important. He was about get mad, at somebody, anybody, for the lack of his swim trunks in his suitcase. Then he remembered he was going to try to be kind. He only had himself to blame after all, he thought. It was my forgetful pack job, Casey reminded himself…..just then he heard his mom clear her throat behind him. Casey turned around to see his mom dangling his favorite neon orange swim trunks from one of her index figures, with a somewhat expectant look on her face. “Mom, you have my trunks!”, Casey exclaimed. “Yes, you left them on your bed at home, so I grabbed them for you”, she said sheepishly. “Thanks Mom!”, cried Casey. Kindness nailed, thought Casey

Casey played Marco Polo in the pool with Elise, slid down the slide into the pool, practicing his kindness by letting her slide first. Casey found being kind to Elise and thanking his mother for packing his swim trunks to feel, well, really good! Stayed tuned to find out how Casey’s desire to be kind to others will really be tested on the slopes!…..