First Week of School

Posted in Casey

Hi guys! Erik, Clyde and I had a great summer! I hope you did too. We went to camp, played at the beach and had fun just hangn’ out at home, riding bikes in the neighborhood, bugging my little sister Elise (yeah, I still haven’t totally learned my lesson!) and I helped my parents doing choirs around the house. Yep, some choirs! Sometimes there’s just things around the house that need to get done. At my house I helped my mom clean out our cluttered and really dusty attic — it was kind of fun looking through old junk and stuff! Write to me and tell me some of the fun stuff you did over the summer.

Now that we’re all back in school and had a week in class already I hope everybody likes their teacher. My teacher is pretty cool. She’s super old though, like 25! The good thing about her is that she’s really funny and wears looks of purple clothes. She told us purple is her favorite color. I’m totally going to remember that when it’s time to get her a Christmas present….Have a great school year everybody! Remember to be kind to others, do what your parents and teacher tells you to do, without grumbling AND eat your veggies! See ya later, Casey