Me and Mermaids!

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What is about me and mermaids?! I meet them every where I go! My family and I love to explore beaches. I love sticking my toes into the soft warm sand and dodging waves with my dad and little brother Ben. My family took a vacation to the Oregon coast last summer to a place called Cannon Beach. It’s a BIG beach! There’s lots of people and dogs running all over the place! It’s fun to run on the wide and long gold-colored sand. Ben thought it was fun to chase the dogs. He was running after them and giggling, until Mom made him stop.  She said it wasn’t nice to “harass the poor things”, what ever that means!

We were walking on the beach near a HUGE mountain rock that suck right out of the water in the middle of the beach. Dad said it’s called Haystack Rock. I guess it looks like a haystack, but it’s really jaggedy and has these funny looking birds all over it, called Puffins! I told Dad that was amazing that they named the birds after my favorite cereal! He laughed then told me that they named the cereal after the funny birds!

Hay Stack rock is full of Puffins in the summer time! Mom told me it’s because they come back to nest on the big rock and have their babies. She also told me that the young Puffins have to jump off the rock when they’re learning to fly because they’re wings are short and stubby and so heavy its hard for them to fly any other way.  They looked funny flapping their wings so hard!

The tide was out around the rock so Ben and I waded around in some of the tide pools near the bottom of the big rock. There’s lots of sea creatures that you can see in them. We saw bright orange and dark purple starfish, lime green sea anemones, with these spiky tentacles, and cute little hermit crabs with their houses on their backs! I smelled the salty air, and looking up I closed my eyes and felt the sun on my face. I love beaches!  When I opened my eyes, looking out at the water near a clump of rocks,  I had to blink once…..then twice…..wait….WHAT?!  It can’t be…..are those……mermaid eyes looking back at me?!!……..Oh, my goodness…….here I go again!……