Meeting mermaids is fun!

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Well, there I was again looking at a set of human eyes staring at me from the water! They were bright green, this time. I looked around to see if anyone else could see her, see the mermaid that the eyes belonged to. No one seemed to notice her except me. Ben was giggling as he looked at all the sea creatures in the tide pools our toes were sticking in. He definitely didn’t see her. I slowly turned back to the mermaid I saw in front of me. She was just as beautiful as my friend Selina. This mermaid had dark brown hair that was floating around her face as her floated in the bright blue water.

“Hello Melanie” her voice sang at me. “Hhhhelloooo”, I managed to gasp as I starred at her with my mouth dropped open! “Yyyy-you, know my nnn-name?!” I asked her, with surprise. “Yes, I do Melanie, because I know Selina”, she said with a smile. My name is Arianna. “Because mermaids are magic beings we all knew you would be here Melanie”, she said to me. “And we need your help”…….Arianna told me!