Melanie’s big day is finally here!

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Melanie woke up on Friday morning knowing that today was the day! Show and tell in her classroom! She was going to bring her beautiful, special, spendalicious, pink treasure to show her classmates and Mrs. Montgomery. Pink being Melanie’s favorite color, she dressed head to toe in it today! She put on her favorite pink plaid jumper, here sparkly pink sneakers and her mom tied pink bows around the two braids she made in Melanie’s pretty blond hair. Melanie was a vision in pink! Her teacher Mrs. Montgomery is crazy about pink too, so Melanie knew she’d be impressed with her choice of show and tell outfit.

Show and tell was always after lunch. Melanie was so excited she could hardly eat her favorite lunch of peanut butter and pickle sandwich and Watermelon Meltdown Go-Gurt her mom had packed her. Finally lunch was finished and it was time to go back to her classroom.

Mrs. Montgomery had the class sit in a circle on the brightly colored alphabet rug that was spread out in the back of their classroom.  They always sat boy, girl -boy, girl in the circle. Peter, Jenny and David were before Melanie today. It was finally her turn to share!  When she stood up and held up her pink glittery treasure the class oohed and aahed. Melanie’s best friend Amanda said, “Oh wow, that’s sooooo pretty!! ” Were did you get it?”, Amanda wanted to know. “I found on a beach with my new mermaid friend, Selina”, exclaimed Melanie. “There’s no such thing a mermaids”, said Bernard.  “Yes, there is, and I met a bunch of them last summer!” declared Melanie. Mrs. Montgomery spoke up then and said “Well, Melanie that is very exciting!” “I bet we’d all love to meet a mermaid someday”, as she gave Melanie a wink.