No Lunch Money

I’m a Northwest native and mother of two girls. Yes, two girls, no boys! Even though I didn’t raise sons, I grew up with a brother so I have a pretty good idea of what boys are like.
The age old nursery rhyme that asked” What are little boys made of?” “Snips and snails and puppy dog tails” may be out dated, but Casey Carson, the main character in No Lunch Money is like so many young boys I’ve know over my lifetime….a little rough around the edges! Knowing that “boys will be boys” sometimes was my inspiration to create my character Casey Carson.

being kind to others is good!

Casey is all boy! A little rambunctious, goofy and trouble just seems to follow him, even when he doesn’t ask for it! In No Lunch Money, Casey will discover who his true friends are, what it is like to have true friends, and that being kind to others is good! Read Casey’s journey through a typical, and not so typical, school day, and see what happens when there is no lunch money!


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