Popular Mom Blog reviews K.S. Robinson’s books

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Books with Thought and Heart by K.S. Robinson

Samples were provided, opinions are my own.

I was delighted when given the opportunity to read and review 2 children’s books for Tate Publishing.




No Lunch Money! and A Mermaid’s Tale were written by Pacific Northwest writer, K.S. Robinson. Let me just say that both books were well thought out and show the heart of the writer which I believe captured her intent in writing them.

No Lunch Money! finds young Casey having one of those days when you are just one step behind in everything you do. We have had those bad days, I have for sure! Well, Casey learns a lesson about kindness that he will not soon forget and a single event can turn his whole day around.

No Lunch Money! has a biblical virtue and discussion questions at the end of the book to guide reading comprehension. This is perfect for a full class of children on a Sunday morning or one on one with your own child before any time.

A Mermaid’s Tail

A Mermaid’s Tale is a sweet little story. Every little girl dreams of and can relate to searching for that perfect shell and meeting a new friend. Not every friend is a mermaid but don’t we all wish we could meet one! While Melanie travels with the mermaid Celine to that, “Secret cove” (You know, the one that all little girls dream of finding), she frolics with Orcas and explores the ocean blue for her perfect shell. Does she find it? You’ll need to read the book to find that answer.

Cute stories, right? Here is what I liked about them: Both stories are GREAT read aloud books as well as beginning reader books. That is hard to do because read aloud and beginning reader books are written in a totally different perspective. The pages are easy enough to read aloud with confidence, well illustrated, and challenging enough for a beginning reader. They also creatively embrace situations that all kids know: Having a bad day or day dreaming while searching for that perfect shell!

A feature soon to be available for both of these books is an E-Live downloadable audio book. Kids can just listen or read along. However your kids choose they will love it! Well done K.S. Robinson and Tate Publishing!